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   NOTE: Lab membership on your account is required to access this calendar.

Instructions: Please note that all reservations require core approval. You will receive notification from iLab after the core approves your appointment. This device is regularly available on Tuesdays and Fridays. Rush appointments (appointments which are scheduled within two weeks from today's date) will be billed at our rush rate. Consideration will be given to requests for evening or weekend hours, but those jobs will be charged at a higher per hour rate. Please email xueliang.du@einstein.yu.edu to request irregular hours of service.


Please leave a 1 hour space between your appointment and any prior appointment on the same day to provide a buffer for the prior user in case they need to run over their appointment time.


Citing Use: Please remember to acknowledge the Diabetes Research Center grant number DK020541 in any publication that was supported by use of this shared resource. Subsidized rates for DRC members are dependent on appropriate citation for use of the facility. Failure to cite use of the core with result in loss of DRC subsidy on future service requests.