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Histology & Comparative Pathology Core

Overview of Services

The Histotechnology and Comparative Pathology Facility provides comprehensive histology and histopathology support to Einstein investigators and the Animal Housing and Studies Facility. The facility performs most aspects of tissue evaluation, from necropsy to the final histological diagnostic evaluation. We support quality translational research by evaluating how the genetic background, environment and sex of the animals affect the study results or gene phenotype. The goal of the facility is to provide a high-quality histology service as well as to be a resource for understanding and translating in vivo data.



  • Tissue preparation – fixation or freezing, decalcification and routine processing to paraffin embedding
  • Full-service necropsy, histology and cryosectioning (including many special stains)
  • Immunohistochemistry and enzyme histochemistry of tissue sections
  • Necropsy and histopathology reports
  • Rental cryostat and microtome
  • Routine hematology on a variety of laboratory animal species


Amanda Beck, D.V.M., Scientific Director

Laura Ramkissoon, Operations Director

Core Staff:

Name Role Phone Location
Ratna Basu Histology Technician 718.678.1043 Price 158-162
Jack Trubiano Histology Technician 718.678.1043 Price 158-162
Alexander Diacou Histology Technician 718.678.1043 Price 158-162


Location and Hours of Operation

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: 1301 Morris Park Ave, Price Center 158, Bronx, NY  10461

Links and Resources

Internet resources

Mouse Genetics


Spontaneous Diseases in Commonly Used Mouse Strains/Stocks


Reference for Necropsy, tissue and blood sampling, and other procedures in rodents


Mouse Anatomy & Histology


Mouse Embryo Atlas


Mouse Brain Resources


Primate Diseases and Pathology


Zebrafish References


Immunohistochemistry References & Mouse Antibody Databases


Frozen Sections Trouble-Shooting


Information Resources on the Care and Welfare of Rodents


Cell Line Contamination



Name Role Phone Email Location
Amanda Beck, D.V.M.
Scientific Director/Pathologist

Laura Ramkissoon
Operations Director


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