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The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has been created to assist in conjunction with a variety of Faculty Safety Committees in providing for the health and safety of our workers, students, and visitors; protecting the environment from any potentially harmful effects caused by University activities; allowing University activities to proceed in a safe manner; managing the University's hazardous waste and ensuring regulatory compliance with the numerous regulatory agencies which may have an impact on the activities of the University. With the support of University Administration and the supervision of the five faculty safety committees, EH&S moves towards the fulfillment of its goals.


  • Training and access to Irradiators
  • Radioactive & decayed waste disposal
  • Supplying Dosimeter / Film Badges


Jared Shapiro, Senior Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

M-F, 9-5       

Forchheimer, Room 800

Links and Resources

  1. Shepherd Irradiator
  2. Dose vs Time Chart
  3. Operating Procedures
  4. Training Manual


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jared Shapiro
Senior Director
Forchheimer 800
Melanie Brown
Forchheimer 800

Service List

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Film Badges (4)
Irradiator (2)
Radioactive Waste Disposal (4)
Other Waste Disposal (1)
Survey Meter (2)
Spill Kit (1)

Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
Ullmann Shepherd Mark I Irradiator View calendar
Price Center Shepherd Mark I Irradiator View calendar