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Computational Genomics

Overview of Services

The Computational Genomics Core (CGC) supports the Einstein community by providing essential informatics resources and infrastructure for the analysis and interpretation of large genomic and epigenomic datasets, providing for timely and standardized delivery of data to investigators, and to organize and present tutorials for data retrieval and analysis using the provided tools and methodologies. The CGC will develop primary analysis pipelines, analysis and visualization tools for application-specific handling of data using open-source and commercial analysis tools. All tools will be maintained and deployed in a manner that optimally supports the research activities of individual investigators. The CGC provides support pipelines for massively parallel sequencing based assays provided by the Epigenomic Shared Facility (ESF) and the Genomics core. For a list of available assays please click here


  • Data management: storage and delivery of large genomic data sets.
  • Data analysis: primary and secondary interpretation of microarrays and next-generation sequencing data.
  • Pipeline development: assist researchers and core facilities with the development of reproducible, accurate and time-saving pipelines and workflows for analysis of genome-scale experimental data.
  • Consultation: work with investigators to provide access to the appropriate tools for analysis of their data.
  • Training: to aid investigators in the analysis of their own data through tutorials covering software and analysis methodologies.


Faculty Advisor
John Greally, M.B., PhD

Location and hours of operation

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M-F, 9-5 

Van Etten

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Xusheng Zhang
Van Etten
Robert Dubin
Van Etten

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