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Animal Physiology Core


The Animal Physiology Core measures whole body and tissue-specific glucose sensitivity and insulin action using rodent models and analysis of whole body carbohydrate/fatty acid oxidation, energy expenditure, feeding behavior and locomotor activity using specialized metabolic and behavioral rodent cages. It performs specialized measurements of rodent adipose tissue distribution, metabolytes, and brain energy and glucose utilization. The facility staff provide instruction for investigators in designing and performing metabolic studies.


  • In vivo assessment of energy balance, exercise, glucose/fatty acid metabolism, insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity and action by clamp technology
  • Measurement of body fat composition/distribution, central nervous system energy and glucose utilization using a variety of noninvasive imaging modalities, including microCT and NMR
  • Assessment of cardiac physiology in various experimental and therapeutic intervention models of diabetes and obesity
  • Application of MRI and fMRI for metabolic analysis using the Einstein Gruss Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC) and microPET through the Einstein MicroPET facility


Scientific Director
Gary Schwartz, Ph.D.

Licheng Wu, M.D.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

M-F, 9-5

Golding, Room 501

Links and Resources

  1. Core Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Licheng Wu
Golding 501

Service list

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Name Description Price
Animal Surgery Training Service / Hour Inquire
Body Composition(qMRI) Inquire
Brain cannulation Inquire
Calorimeter / Week.Each.Mouse Inquire
Calorimetry data analysis Internal $40.00 each
External $60.00 each
External Affiliate $50.00 each
Catheter Surgery Inquire
Clamp assay with C14 Inquire
Clamp assay with radioisotope Inquire
Clamp data analysis Inquire
Clamp surgery Inquire
Drug/Virus Injection Without Surgery Inquire
Exercise session (includes analysis for wheel running) Inquire
Food reward/ week Inquire
Gastric bypass Inquire
Incubator (Cage/Day) Internal $8.00 each
External $16.00 each
External Affiliate $12.00 each
Interperitoneal Glucose Tolerance Test Inquire
Intraperitoneal Insulin Tolerance Test Inquire
Mouse Treadmill Internal $50.00 each
External $100.00 each
External Affiliate $75.00 each
Mouse Treadmill with Calorimetry System Internal $100.00 each
External $200.00 each
External Affiliate $150.00 each
Neural denervation Internal $200.00 each
External $300.00 each
External Affiliate $250.00 each
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Inquire
Temperature Probe Implant Internal $100.00 each
External $150.00 each
External Affiliate $200.00 each

Available Equipment and Resources

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