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Neural Cell Engineering and Imaging Core

The Neural Cell Engineering and Imaging Core encompasses the services of the Tissue Engineering and Cellular Reprogramming Core, and the former Cellular and Molecular Neuroimaging Core.  This unified core, supported by the Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience, Department of Neurology, and the Rose F. Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center, combines state-of-the-art equipment and highly personalized service to facilitate a wide range of studies including establishing cellular models, cell and tissue manipulation, high resolution imaging, image analysis, and graphics.  Technical support is provided to advise, train and assist Einstein investigators through all pertinent research aspects from experimental design to specimen preparation, data collection and analysis, and preparation of publication-quality figures. While the staff has particularly extensive experience with neuroscience studies, it welcomes investigators from all areas of biology and medicine. Services include:

  • Access to vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods, custom programmed tissue culture incubators, and BSL2 facility.
  • Dissociated cell cultures; slice, organotypic and whole embryo cultures; specific developmental cell types
  • Embryonic stem cell, iPS, direct somatic lines and organoids
  • In vivo real-time ultrasound-guided embryonic and adult stereotactic implantation surgeries with high resolution in vivo imaging
  • Tissue specimen preparation (microtome, vibratome, freezing microtome, cryostat), laser microdissection and laser capture system, Helios biolistics gene gun
  • Fluorescence plate reader with liquid handling
  • Widefield microscopes including Neurolucida/StereoInvestigator station for 3D neurite tracing, cell counts, etc, and programmable multi-time, multi-sample automated station
  • Inverted and upright laser scanning confocal microscopes including dual scanners, ultrafast imaging and spectral scanning; multiphoton in vivo microscope with two tunable lasers up to 1300nm plus fixed 1040nm line, dual scanners, and electrophysiology set-up
  • Transmission electron microscopy, electron tomography and focused ion beam milling
  • State-of-the-art image processing and analysis software; graphics support including posters

Animal Behavioral Core

The Animal Behavioral Evaluation Core, supported by the Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience and the Rose F. Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center, provides expert staff and equipment for testing the behavior of mice and rats. These tests are broadly applicable to the study of heritable and developmental disorders of cognitive function, sensorimotor disorders, psychiatric and affective disorders, metabolic disorders, cancer, neuropathological and infectious diseases, aging and reproductive function. Services include:

  • Dedicated space, apparatus and software
  • Expertise in design, analysis and execution of behavioral studies
  • Assistance in the preparation of grants, manuscripts, posters, presentations and animal protocols
  • Development of assays and models to suit specific needs
  • Validated and reliable functional testing of rodents in a broad range of behavioral domains, including cognitive, affective/emotional, social, sensory, motor and reproductive



Neural Cell Engineering and Imaging Core Animal Behavioral Core
Director: Kostantin Dobrenis, Ph.D
Associate Directors: Solen Gokhan, M.D. and David H. Hall, Ph.D
Director: Maria Gulinello, Ph.D.  

Location and hours of operation

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Rose F. Kennedy Center
1410 Pelham Parkway South
Basement, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th Floors
Bronx, NY 10461

Links and Resources

  1. Neural Cell Engineering and Imaging Core Department Website and IDDRC Website
  2. Animal Behavioral Core Website and IDDRC Website
  3. Tissue Engineering and Cellular Reprogramming Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Kostantin Dobrenis, Ph.D
Director, Neural Cell Engineering and Imaging Core

David H. Hall, Ph.D
Associate Director, Neural Cell Engineering and Imaging Core

Solen Gokhan, M.D.
Associate Director, Neural Cell Engineering and Imaging Core

Mariah Marrero
Specimen Preparation

Kevin Fisher
Image Analysis and Graphics

Stephen Young, BS
Cell Culture and BSL2 Facilities; Stereotactic Surgery

Ken Nguyen, MS
Electron Microscopy; Specimen Preparation

Maria Gulinello, Ph.D.
Director, Animal Behavioral Core


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