Stem Cell Isolation and Xenotransplantation Core


The Stem Cell Isolation and Xenotransplantation Core advances stem cell and cell therapeutic research by providing key technological support for human stem cells FACS sorting and transplantation services to test stem cell differentiation potential in vivo.


Flow cytometry core facility:

  • Multiparameter stem cell isolation
  • Assays to test self-renewal capacity and pluripotency of stem cells
  • Assays to test cancer-initiating potential of putative cancer stem cells

Xeno core transplantation facility:

  • Xenograft studies:

          Establish Xenograft models from cell lines and patient samples provided by investigators. Methodologies for cell implantation include subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, intravenous (retro orbital, tail vein 
          routes), intra femoral, neonatal intracardiac and neonatal intra hepatic. Successfully engrafted tumors are propagated by serial transplantations or and used for further drug studies.

  • Efficacy studies:

          Evaluate in vivo efficacy of agents either alone or in combination with standard chemotherapy regimens against murine tumors, human tumor xenografts and transgenic mouse models of human cancer.

  • Compound delivery:

          Formulated compounds for in vivo delivery using variety of commonly used vehicles and are administered by number of routes, including oral gavage, intraperitoneal, intravenous and by food and/or drinking water.

  • Rodent toxicology:

          Closely work with principal investigators to determine max-tolerated dose after single dose, or repeat-dose toxicity studies in novel drug applications for cancer treatments on rodents.

  • Sample collection:

           Live bone marrow sampling, blood and tumor samples at multiple time points to assess engraftment ability, drug treatment efficiency.


Scientific Director
Ulrich Steidl, M.D., Ph.D.


Technical Director
Daqian Sun, Ph.D.


Swathi-Rao Narayanagari





Chanin 638 A

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Daqian Sun, Ph.D.
Technical Director
Chanin 638 A
Nicole Seate-Martin
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Swathi Rao Narayanagari
Research Associate
Chanin 638 A

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