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The Einstein Biorepository provides long-term banking services for human subject specimens. All samples are tracked and archived electronically, providing storage, retrieval and chain of custody information, while meeting GLP and FDA guidelines. Specimens can be linked to investigator provided EMR and other clinical data. Our staff are trained and certified in sample aliquoting, storage, retrieval and packaging for shipping to other institutions.


  • Long-term storage of prospective clinical trial samples
  • Services available to individual investigators or targeted consortia
  • Sample types include blood, urine, tissue, DNA, mRNA, etc.
  • Storage available at a variety of conditions: LN2, -80°C, 4°C and room temperature
  • Individual archiving and tracking of each vial in repository
  • Bar coding of external samples
  • Domestic and international packaging services for shipment (IATA certified)
  • Cost competitive sample storage; additional volume discounts available
  • Redundant freezer backup systems, provided to ensure sample integrity


Scientific Director
Daniel Stein, M.D.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Locations

M-F 9-5

For Sample Drop Off / Pick up
East campus - Golding G02
West campus - Moses Research Center

For Storage
Block Building - Bsmt04

Links and Resources

  1. ISBER - Best Practices
  2. NCI - Best Practices


Name Role Phone Email Location
Daniel Stein, M.D.
Scientific Director

Jeff Lafleur
Operations Director


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